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Buying a car should be simple and stress free, but it can end up being complex and time consuming, a commodity that comes at a cost.

"Outsourcing private car transactions; a uniquely valuable business proposition"


​I get a huge amount of satisfaction from finding the right car at the best price for my clients and making the entire process as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

​My service is aimed at individuals that recognise the value of their time and the loss of billable hours when dealing with the sale or purchase of a motor vehicle. Outsourcing a task to a professional makes good financial sense.

​As much as you need a strong personality to become successful in your chosen field, you must also understand the art of delegation"


Buying new or used, send me details of the vehicle you have found, and I will do the rest ensuring you get the best possible deal.

Sourcing within pre-defined parameters

Working directly with the leading car manufacturers, as well as a nationwide network of dealerships; wherever your ideal car is, I will find it.



Professional car sellers and buyers are highly trained to achieve the lowest or highest price; they have access to information that the general public do not. This positions them as the authority, making it significantly more difficult to get a good deal. By having industry knowledge, I shift the balance in your favour, Information is key to negotiation.


If funding is required, I have access to trusted companies that will offer impartial advice on leasing, PCP and hire purchase.


If it is not time critical, a private sale through Autotrader will normally achieve maximum return. I screen all incoming enquires and negotiate the sale on your behalf, so you can focus on your day job making you more productive.

When it must be sold without delay, I offer the vehicle to a network of dealerships nationwide. This normally results in a sale within 48 hours.

​My objective is to make you more money on the sale than if you were to sell it yourself.


My fees are dependent on the complexity of the purchase or sale. Buying a bespoke Rolls Royce Phantom at £500,000 will take more of my time than a £35,000 Ford. The outcome however remains the same; you will save money using my services.

If you would like me to consider acting on your behalf, please make contact.

Please note. I conduct appropriate due diligence on all prospective clients and only deal with buyers and sellers personally. If you are a third party acting for someone else, I will only take instructions from the principle directly to avoid any miss-understandings.

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