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How it works

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How it works



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Our competitions are a great way for you to win a prize or cash lump sum.

How to play


1 Choose prize

Pick which car you would like to win.

2 Answer question

Answer the multiple-choice question. You must answer correctly for your entry to count. 

3 Number of tickets

Select how many tickets you would like maximum 10

4 Make payment

Make payment through our secure gateway. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. 

5 Wait for draw

The winning ticket will be selected after the closing date using Google's Random Number Generator.


The winner will be contacted to arrange delivery of the prize, either prize or bank transfer.


Prize policy


Our prize policy is written in plain English to avoid any misunderstanding. Do not enter any of our competitions if you do not fully understand our prize policy.

Prize value is 90% of the total ticket sales


  • Each prize draw may have different ticket cost, close date and maximum ticket sales.

  • Prize draw will take place after the closing date regardless of ticket sales.

  • Vehicles may be withdrawn as a prize at the dealer’s discretion.

  • If vehicle is withdrawn, the prize will be 90% of tickets sales.

  • If less than 100% of tickets are sold, the prize will be 90% of tickets sales.

Examples of how winnings are calculated.

Ticket cost £10

Maximum ticket sales, 2000

Tickets sold 1000

Sales £10,000

Cash Prize £9,000

Chance of winning 1 in 1000


Ticket cost £10

Maximum ticket sales, 2000

Tickets sold 2000

Sales £20,000

Prize or Cash Prize £18,000

Chance of winning 1 in 2000

Why use CERQL

All our prizes are owned and stored by the supplying dealer, giving our customers confidence that the Car, Motorcycle or Bike actually exists. This can be verified by contacting the dealer directly.


When the prize is supplied directly from a dealer, you will receive warranty, and trading standards protection under the sale of goods act. Should there be a problem with the prize you have the maximum protection available.


Other competition sites supply the prize giving you very little protection compared to a Car, Motorcycle or Bike retailer.


Our dealers do not make any profit from the competition. CERQL act on the dealer’s behalf and deduct a small fee from the ticket sales to run the competition.



Established in 2014, CERQL are an Automotive marketing company and motorcycle safety advocate. We work with the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership alongside the Traffic Police, Sussex Council, and the Behavioural Insights Team, helping to reduce road deaths. Automotive activities are focused on marketing strategy, acquisitions, disposals, and customer retention. We also produce and market iceQR®, a personal iD product predominantly used by motorcyclists and cyclists.

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