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Motolegends first opened its doors in 2012. The founders, Chris and Sara, had been running mail order businesses for a number of years. They were keen bikers, but had always been disappointed with the quality of the apparel retailers with whom they came into contact. They felt they could better. Their aim was never to create an empire. Part of the problem faced by the sector, they felt, was the dominance of the pile-it-high-sell-it-cheap retail chains that grew rapidly then just as suddenly disappeared. Instead, they set out to create a more specialist proposition that would offer only the highest quality, most technical and most stylish gear that the market could provide. All to be backed with the very best in personal service. These days the company concentrates its efforts into only a small number of segments. Motolegends has very little to offer to the riders of sports and race bikes; ditto the true off-road fraternity. Instead, they have become specialists in technical, commuter and touring gear, with some crossover into the adventure market. The business is also very strong in the casual sector: jeans, short boots, wax cotton and leather jackets, and so on. And whilst Motolegends is recognised as one of the best internet sellers in the market, the company is also very proud of its Guildford-based shop, to which people often travel huge distances for technical advice and personal fittings. 

+44 (0)1483 407500 
Unit 8 Quadrum Park, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1LU.


STADLER SUPERVENT Jacket Ticket price £2

The Stadler Supervent 3 is an updated, CE approved version of the company's longstanding Supervent 2. The chassis of the jacket is made from three-layer, Gore-Tex Pro shell, so it's as waterproof as anything on the market.

Maximum entries 610

Competition ends 12th July 2020