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PPS - Pay per sale

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PPS Pay per sale

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Pay Per Sale Marketing

Pay-per-sale (PPS) is an advertising pricing model where CERQL is paid based on the number of sales that are directly generated. It is a variant of the PPC (pay per click), where the advertiser pays for a number of actions or clicks by the readers or visitors to a website.

Since you only pay when your customer pays, you can track each sale and monitor accurately the return on investment (ROI).

Using PPS with referral marketing

At its core, referral marketing is about enabling and incentivising people to encourage their friends to use a service or product.

Digital vouchers.

Increase awareness of your services, by attracting customers. If someone offers a money off voucher, they are naturally encouraging others to purchase your services. Moreover, if the receiver is satisfied with your business there is a greater probability this person will return, increasing customer loyalty.

Can be mostly automated.

Vouchers are just a discount method scanned using a smartphone for tracking accounts.

No cost for distribution.

The general public circulate your vouchers to their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Ease of delivery.

Vouchers can be delivered via e-mail, social media, or face to face.

There is zero implementation cost and no access required to your EPOS system.

The offer

People who share vouchers receive a credit for every person recommended towards any future bills.

The recipient gets the face value off their bill.

Face value, limitations of the voucher, and the reward to people sharing, is assigned by you. Flash offers, Sun-Thurs only or minimum spend etc, can be used to drive sales where they are needed.

Our service

  • We issue all registered customers with a unique voucher code and account login.

  • Incoming vouchers are recorded, and credits assigned to the correct account.

  • When credits are used, they are automatically debited from the user account.

  • Login to view live accounts with current balance, credits used, and number of vouchers received.

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