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About iceQR®


In Case of Emergency Quick Response


iceQRs store critical data that is available to the emergency services if the user is unable to communicate after an accident or for any other reason.



  • Helmet stickers

  • Asset tag

  • Keyrings

  • Military dog tags

  • Apparel



iceQR products can be used by children & adults participating in many sports and activities or for everyday use.



When the QR code is scanned the information shown has been uploaded by the user, depending on use this may include;


  • Next of kin 

  • Allergies

  • Medication

  • Medical history (relevant)

  • Doctors contact number

  • Driving licence number

  • National health number

  • Holiday itinerary

  • Contact details

  • Insurance

  • Photos of the user, carer or guardian etc.

  • Any other useful information


Storage capacity

iceQR stores up to 1500 characters and 10 photos so the information can be comprehensive. Using a dynamic QR code also gives us the ability to change the data stored at any time without replacing the product.


Foreign travel

Because of the flexibility, all the information can be duplicated in the language of the host country if travelling abroad or other temporary details added as and when needed.


Cost of ownership after the initial purchase

Updates cost £1.50 to change all or part of the information stored. Storage of data lasts for 12 months from registration. This can be extended for £1.50 per year.


*QR codes can only be scanned when an internet connection is established. 



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