iceQR® iD card £6 each



Ideal for adults & children, always carry one in your pocket or wallet

Made from durable PVC and the size of a standard credit card, you can include a photo of the user and up to 2 telephone numbers.


After you place your order please send the picture and telephone numbers to be included below, you will receive a proof

Notes before ordering. (Please also read full details HERE)

Existing customers;- If you would like duplicates of your current QR code, please add note in the basket with your current 5 digit UiN

If you are ordering more than one type of iceQR and would like them all with the same QR code, please add note in basket.

Ordering multiple cards for different users, please let us know in note to seller.

Delivery:- UK free, overseas £1


iceQR® Guildford Surrey United Kingdom - Tel +44 (0)1483 363 041 - EMAIL

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