Personal ID



Property ID


Personal/Medical ID or Property ID, £5 each


Attach to

Luggage - Sports bags - Keys - Dog collar



Telephone numbers


Medical details


Hotel details if on holiday

Reward for safe return

picture to confirm the identity of the rightful owner.


Acrylic body, nickel split ring.


Notes before ordering. (Please also read cost of ownership here)

Existing customers;- If you would like duplicates of your current QR code, please add note in the basket with your current 5 digit UiN

If you are ordering more than one type of iceQR and would like them all with the same QR code, please add note in basket.

Ordering multiple products for different users, please let us know in note to seller, we will then send a different QR code for each person.

Delivery:- UK free, overseas £3

Order personal ID

Order property ID

Promotional keyrings



Promotional keyrings

iceQR acrylic keyrings, are the next generation of inexpensive business promotional product. In the future your clients will have an incentive to keep your company logo and business details for many years, a constant reminder to them, their friends, and family.



The design includes your company details and a dynamic QR code that when scanned by a finder of lost keys reveals the contact details of the owner.


Storage capacity

With a storage capacity of 1500 characters and a photo of the owner, the data stored can be comprehensive giving your customer an enhanced chance of recovering their lost property, photos are included to confirm the identity of the person claiming the keys.


The iceQR is registered by the end user and the information held can be changed at any time without the need to replace the keyring, especially useful if telephone and email details change or if away from home when local contact details can be added, and unlike some methods of returning lost keys by post, the owner has a chance of being reunited at the hotel or temporary address.


Cost of ownership, end user


Information updates, first upload included

The webpage storing personal details can be updated at any time. Updates are £1 to change all or part of the information stored.


Data storage

Storage of details lasts for 12 months from registration. This can be extended for £1 per year.


Artwork design

CERQL will design your keyring free of charge.

Please EMAIL for a quote