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iceQR® helmet stickers used in conjunction with road safety campaigns.

Background of ICE

In Case of Emergency (ICE) is a programme that enables first responders, such as paramedics, fire & rescue, and police officers, as well as hospital personnel, to contact the next of kin of the owner of a mobile phone to obtain important medical or support information. The phone entry (or entries) should supplement or complement written information or indicators. The programme was conceived in 2004 by Bob Brotchie, a British paramedic, and ICE was subsequently promoted by Bob in May 2005. It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in their mobile phone under the name "ICE". The popularity of the programme has spread across Europe and Australia, and it has started to grow in North America.


2015 iceQR® helmet stickers

Using QR (Quick Response) codes, iceQR helmet stickers when scanned with a QR reader, will display up to 10 photos and 1500 characters of emergency contact details and medical conditions of the wearer, pictures including distinguishing marks are used to confirm the casualty matches the data viewed.


Road safety campaign trials

CERQL supplied Sussex Safer Roads Partnership 5000 iceQR Helmet stickers to hand out during events attended in 2015 with excellent results;


“We were all busy throughout the day with the stickers - basically, you just can't hand over the sticker and expect the customer to go away and do it themselves - there is quite a lot of explaining to do - which was a good thing, for 1. you had to give them out individually and 2. the contact time with each customer was considerable AND led into conversations regarding riding skills, Bikesafe Bikerdown etc.”


Following the success of 2015, SSRP ordered further stock for 2016.


Existing users (Road safety practitioners)

  • Sussex Safer Roads Partnerships

  • Cumbria Road Safety Partnership

  • Lancashire Constabulary

For internal use

  • Bedfordshire RPU

  • Hertfordshire RPU

  • Cambridgeshire RPU

  • Sussex RPU


Awareness of iceQR

The availability and benefits of iceQR helmet stickers have become widely known within the Motorcycle and Cycle communities.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) commented on social media.


“If you ever come into contact with someone unable to communicate for whatever reason, and they are wearing a helmet displaying an iceQR sticker, you can scan the QR code with your smartphone. You will then see a page on your phone with information about the person wearing the helmet, such as medical details and next of kin, which may be critical to first responders”


As well as supplying customers direct with one or more we have also supplied many clubs for their members so the awareness of iceQR has gained a lot of ground.


iceQR used as a road safety tool

Engaging with Motorcyclists at exhibitions and events is key to promoting Bike Safe / Biker Down / Bikeability and encouraging riders to undertake advance training such as IAM and RoSPA. 


At these events, road safety staff are able to encourage riders to carry their ICE information using iceQR as an example of best practice, this also gives the opportunity to explain the benefits of continuous training with the goal that the rider leaves with a valued branded product and information on safer riding initiatives.


Continuous engagement

When helmet stickers are registered the email address is captured, CERQL then send out emails every few months to refresh the safety message, this may also include information on new legislation effecting riders.

Press release

Prior to meetings or events that iceQR helmet stickers are to be used, a press release can be issued to promote the event and nudge people attending to seek out the road safety display.


iceQR presentation

Helmet stickers are presented in a 100 X 140mm clear grip seal bag including a double sided printed insert. This will include on one side instructions to the user how to register, on the reverse, details of the agency responsible for the initiative, road safety courses and any other relevant information.


If you would like information about using iceQR at a road safety event, please contact;

Ian DB

Tel +44 (0)1483 511 063

Contact by email

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