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Standard design 18 x 65 mm

iceQR® helmet stickers - One helmet sticker £2 - Two or more £1 each



Ideal for adults & children wearing helmets and participating in many sports and activities or for hard hats used in the construction industry.

Weather proof

Stickers are water proof and fixed with marine adhesive, please see full specification.


Stickers on helmets

We use solvent free water based acrylic adhesive BS 5609 Please consult your helmet specification before applying stickers.

Notes before ordering. (Please also read cost of ownership here)

Existing customers;- If you would like duplicates of your current QR code, please add note in the basket with your current 5 digit UiN

If you are ordering more than one type of iceQR and would like them all with the same QR code, please add note in basket.

Ordering multiple helmet stickers for different users, please let us know in note to seller, we will then send a different QR code for each person.

Delivery:- UK free, overseas £1

1 helmet sticker £2

2 or more helmet stickers £1 each

Bulk orders, Star of Life or personalised.

iceQR NEW June 2021.png

Star of Life logo                              18 x 65mm

iceQR Example sticker.png

Personalised/branded                     18 x 65mm

Clubs - Companies - Promotion - Public bodies



After you have placed an order for personalised, send us your artwork requirements below.


Personalised products receive artwork proof.


  • Each sticker comes with a unique QR code & data storage

  • Order in multiples of 10

  • End user can register at a later date

Notes before ordering

£1 each, supplied in multiples of 10, increase quantity in basket.

Existing customers;- If you are placing a re-order with the same artwork, please add note in basket.

Delivery:- UK free, overseas £1